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Where Is Your Confidence?

Learning so much about myself in Day 8 of DWG. It's all about how God sees me.

My takeaway for today is WHERE IS YOUR CONFIDENCE and it comes from Psalms 139. We can be confident in who we are because we are fearlessly and wonderfully made by God. And He loves us flaws and all.

He knows me. He sees me. He is always with me. He is familiar with all my ways. He knows what I'm going to say before I even say it. He made me. He watched me grow from an unformed body in my mothers womb to the woman that I am now.

Our relationship with God is both like a parent/child and like a husband/wife. A parent knows their child well and is familiar with all of their ways. They've watched them grow from little tiny babies to strong, independent adults.

When you're married for 5, 10, 20 or more years, you spend so much time with your spouse. You probably become so familiar with their ways, you know what they're going to say before they say it. You know every flaw, quirk and oddball thing they do - like iron their socks, cut their food into small pieces before they eat it, irrational fear of squirrels or stubborn independence.

God knows all of my ways, even the weird ones. He knows all of my flaws, even the ones I wish I didn't have. He knows all of my strengths, even the ones I don't know that I have. And He loves all of it.

When we're confident that God loves us, we'll be confident in who we are and it won't matter what anyone thinks or says about us. All of the self-limiting beliefs we have and negative things we think and say about ourselves won't matter. Because none of it is true.

The truth is in how God sees us. The truth is in what He says about us. We either believe that or we don't.

But, until we're confident in God and ourselves, we'll just keep floundering and struggling and falling short of the good God created us to do. We'll keep doubting and worrying and letting fear take root in our hearts. We'll let jealousy, insecurity and bitterness rear its ugly head. And we'll be just a small fraction of the woman that God created us to be.

I don't want to be a fraction. I want to be whole. Whole in God. Wholly me. And let God use me for all His glory!

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