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Not For Now

I always love reading the story of Esther. She was the highlight on Day 21 of DWG.

My takeaway is that our calling may not be for now. God may call us to something now to prepare us to influence change that has yet to come.

I've never paid attention to the timeline of events in the Book of Esther before. But, this time around it stood out.

Esther became Queen in the 7th year of King Xerxes/Ahasuerus's reign (Esther 2). But, it wasn't until the 12th year of his reign that Haman approached the King to request that the Jews be destroyed (Esther 3).

So it looks like five years passed since Esther became Queen before the events to annihilate the Jews took place.

Esther did not know when she became Queen that five years later she'd risk her life to go before the King in an effort to prevent her people from sure death.

We never truly know how God is going to use us. We only ever have a piece of the puzzle, if even that. We may have the big vision that He has put on our hearts, but we can't see the impact it's going to have and when that will happen.

In those five years, perhaps Esther had to learn much about being Queen and being a wife. Perhaps she had to learn all the ins and outs of royal life, the laws, what she could and could not do. Perhaps she built lots of great relationships with the women in the palace. Perhaps she was wishing she could have a greater impact instead of sitting around and looking pretty. I'm speculating.

There's always growth that happens in between the call and the fulfillment of God's plan. It's a journey of faith, trust and patience. We know that He has a plan. We just have to wait for the fulfillment of it!

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