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God has created you with your own unique DNA - gifts, talents, weaknesses, passions and desires. He has put on your heart His desires for your life and when you do the work that utilizes what He’s equipped you with, you will naturally do what you love and love what you do.


God has fulfilling work waiting for you to do.


Are you ready to discover the beautiful desires that God has put on your heart and how you're uniquely equipped to live and walk them out?

Get ready for your passion to experience a major prompt!


  • Would you like to cultivate a strong, intimate and powerful relationship with God?

  • Do you need help to discover your unique strengths, gifts and passions so that you can live your God-inspired dreams?

  • Are you frustrated and discouraged because you've been spending your energy on work that doesn't fulfill you?

  • Do you feel like life is passing you by while you're still stuck in the same familiar place?

  • Have you forgotten how to dream, given up on your dreams or convinced yourself that you have no dreams?

  • Are you ready for God to do a mighty work in your heart and reveal His desires and dreams for your life?

Our Passion Prompt Coaching Package is an eight module program for women that can be done weekly or monthly.


Are you ready to prompt your passion?

Here is what you can expect:

  • Learn how to cultivate a strong, intimate and powerful relationship with God

  • Develop the tools to have deeper personal quiet times and intimate prayers

  • Get clarity on who you are and discover your unique DNA

  • Complete a personal and spiritual assessment

  • Complete a spiritual gifts and personality assessment

  • Create your personal life map that tells your authentic story 

  • Draw out your passions and dreams and align them with your unique DNA

  • Create your God-inspired vision board

  • Identify and address fear, mindset traps and emotional blocks

  • Create an action plan to move forward with your dreams and goals

So, what happens next?

  1. Contact us to see if we're a good fit and if this program is right for you.

  2. If we are both ready to move forward, we will email you an invoice and payment instructions.

  3. Once payment is received, we will forward you a personalized client agreement for you to review and sign.

  4. Once the signed agreement is received, we will schedule our weekly sessions and begin the journey!

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