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What I like most about working with Wendy is that our sessions are always personable. Wendy not only teaches, but she prays and encourages me. She wants to see me succeed and is so willing to pour into me her time and knowledge. I have been challenged to search inside myself and pull out the potential that God has already placed in me. This is not something I have done before. I have known to always look within in order for God to renew me, but not asked to take a good look and see what gifts He has placed in me. I have come to see that much has been placed in me and I am able to accomplish all that God wants me to do with His help.


I have really enjoyed this journey of discovering who I am and to not only discover my dreams, but to actually begin now to live them out. Application of God's Word has enlightened new truths in my spirit about who I am.


I highly recommend that you begin working with Wendy to discover your dreams. I believe she has accomplished this with me and I know many more beautiful women who are full of potential and may not know how to dig for it like gold and to nurture it.

Diane, London, ON

In the short time I've known Wendy, I've been blessed by her love for God and her godly, enthusiastic teaching and encouragement. She is clearly an Aspiring Woman with leadership qualities and a zeal for helping women rise to their potential in Christ. Completing Dining With God directly impacted my current path of focusing more on speaking rather than facilitating. The thorough walk through of the Scriptures really fed my spirit and soul. 

Judy, Ottawa, ON

The Delight In God devotional was good. It's interesting because it related a lot to the message the next day when the minister mentioned to listen because God uses others to share a word that's needed to help us. The message I heard God saying to me through the devo and through Wendy was that if I want to know the desires He has for me, I need to know Him first. This was the direction I needed to hear.

Racine, Kingston, ON

Without Wendy, I would not have been able to start my own business. She is very knowledgeable and is always willing to help me with anything. The results I have seen since we started working together is way more than I expected. I would recommend Wendy for any woman that is thinking of or trying to start a business.

Kim, Kingston, ON

I met Wendy at one of her networking nights when she resided in Toronto. I recently reconnected with her again and told her about my new business and what I hoped to achieve. She was very informative about the things I needed to do to make my business thrive. It’s nice to feel that someone is in your corner because operating a business as a sole owner has more than its share of challenges, as anyone who has ever done it can attest.


I’m glad I decided to reconnect. It feels good to know that there is someone rooting for me and is willing to take the time to help me succeed in my new venture.

Donna, Toronto, ON

Wendy has a gift for drawing people out and helping them to see what they're good at. I am starting to realize so much more about myself and what I'm capable of and my dreams are starting to take shape.

Ashlee, Toronto, ON

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