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Your Story Is Beautiful

On Day 19 of DWG, I'm reminded that our stories are beautiful. There are experiences in our past that we hate or choose not to remember. We may wish it didn't happen or wonder why it happened. We may wish we had a different life. We may hate the people that hurt us and hold on to resentment our whole lives. Or we may accept and come to terms with our past and extend forgiveness where it's needed and move forward.

Ecclesiastes 3 tells us that there is an appointed time and season for everything - birth, death, weeping, laughing, mourning, planting, uprooting, embracing, searching, keeping, throwing away, etc.

Our lives are made up of times. If we look back at our life, we will see that there were times we experienced death, mourning, laughing, searching, planting, etc.

And it's all beautiful because God made everything beautiful in its time and He set eternity in the hearts of men.

Why is that bad thing that happened to you beautiful? Why was your lowest place in life beautiful? Because God was with you through it all and in those experiences He was making Himself known (whether you were aware of Him or not).

God's desire is that we seek Him and know Him. We are His workmanship. He was working on us throughout all of our experiences. He was weaving our story together to prepare us for a greater purpose and plan. He allows all things to work for the good of those who love Him and are called to His purpose.

It's all good. It's all beautiful. Even when it doesn't feel good or beautiful. Even when it's broken you. Because God was there. He cried with you. He comforted you. He wiped your tears. He strengthened you. And He is rebuilding you... into a woman of passion, potential and purpose!

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