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What's your personal growth plan for 2020?


Growth is a natural part of life. Every form of life evolves and matures. A tiny seed grows to become a beautiful flower. A newborn baby girl grows to become a radiant woman. A newly hatched chick grows to become a confident bird. God designed all forms of life to grow.

What personal season are you in? Wherever you are in your life, you should always have a growth strategy. God wants you to keep moving forward so that you are closer to Him, closer to your dreams and closer to fulfilling His plans and purpose for your life.

How important is your personal growth to you? Are you ready to start planning?


Use our 2020 Personal Growth Plan template to create your growth plan for 2020. Use a journal to record your thoughts, prayers and insights as you go through the year.


Download the planner below.


Note: You will be asked to register with an email and password to access the download page. Your personal information will remain confidential.

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