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Welcome to Dining With God


Dining With God is a Spiritual Nutrition Plan with 30 daily Bible studies to nourish your inner dreamer.


You’ve probably embarked on a physical nutrition plan in an effort to get healthy, more energized and in shape. But, have you embarked on a journey to get spiritually healthy and experience Christ-like transformation?


The Bible describes itself as your spiritual food. God’s word is vital for your spiritual growth. It nourishes you. Your heart rejoices. You grow and mature spiritually. You become spiritually well and alive. You gain godly wisdom. Your eyes are opened so you can see the world through God’s eyes. You dream the dreams that God has for you.

The Dining With God workbook includes 30 daily Bible studies, Scriptures, questions for deeper reflection and workspace to record your notes/insights.

What can you expect from Dining With God?

  • Develop an intimate and powerful relationship with God;

  • Grow and mature in your faith and develop deeper convictions;

  • Cultivate your daily Bible study and knowledge of God's words;

  • Encounter God in a new and refreshing way;

  • Improve your mindset by seeing yourself through God's eyes;

  • Experience God-inspired breakthroughs; and

  • Discover the desires and dreams that are on your heart.


Dining With God is about who God is. It's about our relationship with God. It's about what the Bible says about the Bible. It's about seeing ourselves through the eyes of God. It's about knowing that we are chosen. It's about our purpose. It's about who God created us to be. It's about our story. It's about the dreams and desires that God has put on our hearts. It's about our mindset.

A spiritually wholesome meal plan is the building block to a healthy faith and healthy dreams. 


Are you ready to dine with God?

Download the study below.


Note: You will be asked to register with an email and password to access the download page. Your personal information will remain confidential.

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